06 January 2011

Thoughts: Caught on Cam - Foreigners Having Sex on Boracay Shores


     Last night, a local news show in the Philippines revealed an exclusive video of a couple who were having sex on the white, sandy shores of Boracay, a highly popular tourist destination in the country.  Of course, nothing offensive was shown; just bits and pieces of a couple making out near a huge rock (the lady was topless) and another couple putting back their dresses on after a midnight hump.  These two couples are apparently foreigners.  Don’t worry, the naked parts were blurred and there was not even a shadow of humping in the video clip.

     I don’t know.  I’m not a prude, and if they want to do it on the beach, so be it; if they can’t fight the temptation to frolic in the sands of Boracay, that is.  To each his own; really, whatever floats your boat. 

     However, may I inform our travellers that having sex in public here in the Philippines is an act punishable by law.   You may very well be charged with grave scandal (imposed upon any person who shall offend against decency or good customs by any highly scandalous conduct), the penalty of which is arresto mayor, or imprisonment from one day to thirty days, and public censure. 

     Today, the Department of Tourism expressed concern about the incident.  The Tourism Secretary said that hotel owners and other establishments on the beach should post signs or warnings that say it is okay to be happy and enjoy while on the island but there are things that should be done privately, preferably in their hotel rooms. He apparently added that it was a good thing that the sex incident happened at a time when kids are already asleep, and that the act was between a couple that seem to be married and it was not done with a Filipina.  Really?  As if doing it with your spouse who is not a local will make public sex more acceptable.  Lol!

     You can view the news clip HERE.

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