11 November 2010

Manila Chronicles: Winter Clothes Shopping at Winterhouse, Cartimar

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     I have been carefully planning for my first autumn/winter experience.  I have been collecting autumn clothes but then I learned that temperature in Beijing in late November drops to single digits, and even lower (in Celsius).  So, in a hurry, I shopped for some winter accessories and outerwear at Winterhouse in Cartimar, Pasay.

     Cartimar is a small shopping district more popularly known for selling footwear and pet animals.  Certainly, it did not cross my mind that I'd find a winter clothes shop there, and a fairly large establishment at that.  When I saw the shop, it looked so sleepy outside; there were not a lot of people buying even in the other shops.  Inside the shop, I was the only customer.  While winter clothes abound, the shop looks like a more organized ukay-ukay.  Although of course, the clothes Winterhouse sells have never been used.

     There are good items in there, and some thermals, but the pretty ones are few far and between.  Well, if truth be told, there is almost nothing fashionable in that store, but if you just want to be comfortably warm, with no fuss, no frills, then Winterhouse would fit your needs.  Older or more conservative people would probably approve of their selection.  However, if you are more fashion conscious, you could ask the shop to custom-made winter clothing for you.  It'll take about a week or two for them to finish your desired design.     

     Don't get me wrong; the items sold at Winterhouse do not come cheap. Of course, you'll find a bargain or two, but their products are just a little cheaper than those sold at Terranova, Marks and Spencer, Dorothy Perkins or Top Shop; about 20% to 30% cheaper.  However, you could haggle with the shop's keeper for you purchases.

     I was able to buy a fleece sweater for Php 700, which I find too pricey, a hooded vest for the same price, and a set of winter gloves.  They're fairly cute, especially the vest.  My total purchase cost me Php 1700.00.  Well, I was looking for winter clothes patterned after Japanese fashion, but I had no luck.  The shop does  not even sell legwarmers, something which I see in almost every foreign clothes brand at the mall carrying autumn/winter clothes.  And I was hoping to buy some legwarmers since they're just too cute, and they're perfect for wearing leggings and skirts.

     Nonetheless, you'd probably find something for you at Winterhouse; you just have to dig deeper and be patient browsing their racks.  Or you can just ask the shop keeper for suggestions.  If you're buying for your mom and pop, or perhaps for your mee-maw (borrowed term from Dr. Sheldon Cooper), or granddad, well, you'll find the store adequate.  And before I forget, Winterhouse also sells winter clothes for kids.

Winterhouse Garments
18 A Cartimar Ave.,
Shopping Arcade, Pasay City
1300 Philippines 
Tel. Nos. 831-2277; 823-0504



Anonymous said...

hi just got a question regarding the custom made winter clothes. can they copy the fashionable wool coats or do i need to bring a picture of the style that i want? thanx

youknowyouloveme said...

Hi, Anonymous!

Regarding your question, they do make wool coats and jackets, but do bring a photo of the style you want for their reference. If you have a coat they can copy, the better.

Some of the items they sell are copies of well-known brand coats (the ones they make); some are branded like American Eagle but I don't know if those are overruns. Some are gaudy; some are dated. A few pieces are in trend. If you want the Japanese or Korean styles, you're probably a little out of luck there. But who knows?

Anonymous said...

do they have big sizes like 24 above?

Asian Travel Adventures said...

@ Anonymous

I've seen a couple of plus-size coats but they look a little outdated. The more fashionable ones have few items with bigger sizes. I'm a size 16 and the items I bought were the largest for their styles. They have a custom-made service, though.

Paulo Ruiz said...

Good Day! do they also sell a diverse selection of wool scarves for men? and if possible, do you still remember how much they cost?

Asian Travel Adventures said...

They might have some wool scarves and I can't say they have a diverse range, unless they've restocked.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys! Just want to ask if they sell boots there.. ;) thnx!

doubtproof said...

I've heard about Winterhouse and I was planning to go there. Thanks for ths post, it's very informative and helpful!

doubtproof said...

Thanks for this! I was wondering if the place is worth the visit. This post answered most of the questions I have in mind. :)

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